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Air / Heat Transfer Kit – 1 to 1 Room with Silent Inline Fan (Long Duct Run)

Universal Fans » Air / Heat Transfer Kit – 1 to 1 Room with Silent Inline Fan (Long Duct Run)

Air / Heat Transfer Kit – 1 to 1 Room with Silent Inline Fan (Long Duct Run)

Air / Heat Transfer Kit – 1 to 1 Room with Silent Inline Fan (Long Duct Run)

$599 $489

Model | Silent Mixflow Fan
Fan Size | 150mm
Airflow (Capacity) | 555 m3/hr

Insulated Ducting – Quality European made Mixflow Fan – Fan engineered to operate silently – Everything you need to install

This heat transfer kit is designed to service one room from one intake room. This kit comes with 12m of insulated ducting and a 150mm silent mixflow inline fan, which is well suited to a 12m duct run.

$599 $489

Product Description

The Heat Transfer Kit (1 – 1 room) is designed to transfer air from one room to one room. The kit consists of an intake vent, one outlet vent and everything in between you will need to set up a successful air transfer system. This can work very well and is very energy efficient, as the system utilizes heat that would otherwise be wasted in heating an already hot room. It also uses some of the warm air that would just accumulate near the ceiling. The system uses very little power, about 10 times less than an electric heater. This is important for energy conservation, low running costs and for people who generate their own electricity.

Silent Heat Transfer Kit Contains

1 x TT Silent Mixflow 150 Inline Fan – EXVUTTS150
1 x Lead and Plug installed to the TT Silent Fan (wired to high speed) – EALEAD
2 x 6m R1.0 High Quality Insulated duct – EDI01506M10
2 x 150mm Plastic Cone Vent – EVFLC150
1 x Duct tape – EATAPED
1 x Hanging tape – EATAPEH

Fan Specifications

Capacity: 555/405 m3/hr
Max Power used: 52 Watts
Noise: 33/26 dBA
IP rating: IPX4

Fanco TT Silent Exhaust Fan Features


  • Specially designed sound-insulated casing that ensures silent fan operation.
  • The external casing is made of polymer-coated steel.
  • The inner casing perforation let sound waves pass through the holes and fall at a specific angle to the sound-absorbing layer.
  • The casing is internally heat and the sound-insulated with 50 mm mineral wool layer.
  • The fan casing is equipped with an airtight terminal box for connection to power mains.
  • Single-phase energy efficient double-speed motor with low energy demand.
  • The fan may be mounted at any place and at any angle within the ductwork system.
  • The fan casing is equipped with fixing brackets for fastening to the floor, wall or ceiling.

Pressure Graph

Please Note: Min relates to the low speed – max relates to the fan on the highest speed.
TT Pressure Graph


2 Year Replacement (conditions apply).

**Fan & components must be installed by Qualified Persons unless a lead & plug is installed in which case the fan can be DIY installed**

Additional Information

Weight 13.00 kg